Friday, July 6, 2012

Turkey Hunt

I managed to turkey hunt before work this morning. I arrived at my turkey hunting spot about 5:00 AM and set up on the edge of a woods that borders a big field. I put 2 decoys in the field, and set up on a tree with my back to the woods. I heard hens early, so I did some soft turkey calling. To my surprise, each time I called, a gobbler responded. Around dawn, I had 2 gobblers answering my calls.

I was hoping the turkeys would walk through the woods, come out to the field, see my decoys, and walk within range. However, things did not necessarily work out that way. I called again and heard some gobbles far behind me. I turned my head around the tree to look, and there were 4 hens standing 25 yards behind me in the woods. (As a bonus, one of the hens was 90% snow white with a few black flecks! I would rather have that one!) I didn't hear them walking because of the wet ground. They didn't see me, so I didn't want to move. They continued walking to the field -- with the 2 gobblers following! Again, I couldn't move, and my gun was facing the field! If I would have been facing the woods, I could have stoned either of the toms!

Instead, I remained still and let them pass. They too came to the edge of the field, about 30 yards to my right. The hens walked farther out in the field, and the gobblers when nuts with gobbling when they saw my decoys. They didn't commit too far to the field, so I didn't have a shot at them. Too many bushes were in the way. If they walked 5 more yards towards the decoys, I would have had them! Instead, they opted to chase the live hens. Damn! I tried some more calling, but they would not leave the hens. All of them eventually walked away. I tried to move, but I could not get any closer before they left the area.

Next time!

***** EDITOR'S NOTE *******

I spoke with several people today, and they all told me the same thing! I committed a cardinal sin when turkey hunting this morning. As soon as I heard the gobbles, I should have repositioned myself so that I was facing the gobbbles. Ugh. Oh well. We live and learn. - SMK


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